Visitor parking is based around pay station payment with an option to also offer self-managed on-line payment via a smartphone mobile website (customer downloadable form Google Play or the App Store). This is further backed up by Pay at Exit terminals with chip & pin and contactless card payment.


The customer journey is shown below:


  • Guest / Customer arrives at shopping centre car park
  • Loop detects vehicle and activates terminal. Visitor presses for ticket. (After default time if no button pressed activate intercom.) Customer takes barcoded ticket. Barrier opens. Customer enters car park and second loop detect vehicle and closes barrier.
  • Upon leaving the centre the customers enter their barcoded ticket into pay station and pays via cash, card or contactless.
  • At exit ANPR will read registration plate. ON recognition the barrier will automically raise. If no match the customers can insert barcoded ticket or press the intercom. Pay at exit terminal is also available if this option is taken.

Today’s Opening Times

9am - 5:30pm*

*Individual retailer opening times may vary